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on 2014-01-28

Of the 1.8 million people in Gaza, 80% depend on humanitarian aid.

After six years of Israeli blockade, 1.8 million Palestinians continue to be trapped in the Gaza Strip, largely cut off from the outside world..!

The humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is continuing to deteriorate. The strike on Gaza’s only power plant on 28 June reduced the power supply in the Strip by half, with direct and indirect effects on the population. Hospitals and a large part of the water and wastewater systems now depend on generators that consume considerable amounts of fuel, which is also in short supply owing to recurrent closures of the Strip. Furthermore, the strict controls imposed on the passage of basic items into the Strip have exacerbated the difficulties faced by residents, who were already living in precarious conditions. Under international humanitarian law, Israel is responsible for meeting the basic needs of the population, which include food, medical supplies and means of shelter.

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